We will not choose SAL to ship toys, because this method is very prone to delays and easy to lose packages! Using SAL is irresponsible to the buyer! We use the more stable China Post e-EMS or Yanwen Logistics. Although the price will be more expensive, we can ship toys to buyers in a shorter time!
Dear buyers and friends from the UK, please note: From January 1, 2021, the UK officially leaves the European Union and implements a new VAT policy for all commodities imported into the UK. VAT tax will be levied on all products, but our store did not apply for VAT qualification from the British government, so our product prices do not include tax! However, if the British government finds the package and requests to pay the tax, please bear the buyer's responsibility! (Note: the tax rate is 20%)

Chinese New Year Holidays and Promotion Notice

Hi Dear friends:
     The Chinese New Year is coming, we are about to begin a vacation, and international shipping services are about to be suspended,as the schedule below
     1, the international shipping service will be suspended on February 7th, until February 18th.
     2, in the meantime, you can still buy toys, just can only wait until February 18th to start shipping;During this period we will reply from time to time, there may be a delay, please forgive me!
     3,Due to the early leave of various production plants this year, some of the stocked products cannot be shipped and need to be shipped after the New Year holiday. If you have purchased such products, we will send you an email to inform you, I hope you can understand, if there is a problem, Please contact us by mail, thank you!
     4,Many factories have closed their holidays in advance, and after-sales service has been suspended. You need to wait until the factory resumes work at the end of February before continuing. Please wait patiently for friends with after-sales needs. Thank you for your understanding!
      For the inconvenience caused, please understanding, looking forward to provide better service for you!I wish my dear friends happy family, all the best!

                            bababobo00712 sincerely yours

Promotion Duration:

From February 8th to February 18th(China Time)

    Consumption of 100 US dollars, 5 US dollars discount;
    Consumption of 200 US dollars, 10 US dollars discount;
    Consumption of 300 US dollars, 15 US dollars discount;
    Consumption of 400 US dollars, 20 US dollars discount;

All members can enjoy!
Come on, share happiness together!              


                                                                                                           bababobo00712 sincerely yours
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