Double Eleven special sales are about to start, you can get coupons in the member background!
Due to the recurrence of the new crown epidemic and the surge in packages caused by the year-end shopping climax, the effectiveness of shipping in France, Germany, Spain and other countries will be greatly slowed down, please pay attention!
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Holiday Sale Event!

Black Friday special sale


From Novmber 26 to Novmber 30(China Time)

    Consumption of 100 US dollars, 8 US dollars discount;
    Consumption of 200 US dollars, 18 US dollars discount;
    Consumption of 300 US dollars, 30 US dollars discount;
    Consumption of 400 US dollars, 40 US dollars discount;
                             .                                                .
                             .                                                .
                             .                                                .
     Consumption of 1000 US dollars, 100 US dollars discount;

All members can enjoy!
Come on, share happiness together!              


                                                                                                           bababobo00712 sincerely yours
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