Shipping urgent notice

The latest shipping policy changes, you need to know:

The latest freight changes: Speedpak (eBay) freight rates increase 15%
(Starting from Nov 1, 2020)

1.If you want us to keep the items temporarily, instead of shipping them immediately. You can contact us after purchasing the item and making a successful payment. After confirmation, we will keep the item for you!

2. We have found a new shipping method with lower price! As a special shipping method during the epidemic period, the tracking information cannot be displayed immediately, but it will be displayed within a maximum of 7 working days. It is estimated that the arrival time will be between 20-30 working days.
Please note that this shipping method calculates the freight based on the volumetric weight. Any toy sent to the United States with an actual weight of more than 3 kg will exceed the weight limit, so it cannot be shipped!

3.The pre-order freight is calculated based on the freight before the outbreak. If the shipping cost does not return to a lower price after the toy is officially sold, we will charge an increase based on the shipping cost at that time. We will email you information about how much you need to pay if you want us to ship now. If you want us to keep items temporarily, please let us know!

4. Express shipping available for all items over 2kg. It takes about 10-15 days (Cannot promise to arrive during this period, please understand during special periods)to arrive but very expensive. Price is listed in each item.

5. We stopped shipping to these following countries due to no airline and will recover after the epidemic:
Peru, Serbia, Costa Rica. You can still order but we can only ship things after the pandemic.

6. If you previously added additional shipping costs and find that we have used a special shipping method for your shipping, you can contact us for a refund.

I hope everyone understands!

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